Who Sang it Better?: Mariah Carey- Emotions vs Ariana Grande- Emotions (Cover)


New Nickelodeon Star Ariana Grande is the truth. Her voice is a replication of Mariah Carey’s but the singer is only 19 years old. I am absolutely blown away by her and had to do some research. I came across her cover of Mariah Carey’s “Emotions”. This song is one of the most challenging songs in music history sung by one of the best vocalist of all time Mariah Carey.

Listen to both version below. I can barely tell the difference between their voices. Amazing but I think Mariah deeper tone sets them apart.

Ariana Grande-

Mariah Carey


  1. exactly this girl has an amazing voice !!!!!!!!! the exact copy of mariah but don t get me wrong mariah voice is more mature n raw …………….. but still she nailed that cover is nearly impossible to take that song …….. so great jod girl

    • I listened again…and even though she sounds so much like Mariah. Mariahs voice seems to really be unmatched it was so much stronger and soulful. I agree!

  2. Just saying, but in reference to Ariana only being 19, Mariah was only 20, maybe 21, when she recorded the original Emotions.

  3. Arianaslut says:

    Grande was good. But PEOPLE NEED TO STOP COMPARING HER TO CAREY!!! Like get a damn life. She’s 19 and Marah is 43 and a legend. So stfu

    • caitlin davies says:

      so what are you saying exactly? she can become a legend one day you never know, she is really popular than carey these days… Mariah has a beautiful voice and will always will but ari is not even close to bad. She has a true talent and can really sing

    • caitlin davies says:

      so what are you saying exactly? she can become a legend one day you never know, she is really popular than carey these days… Mariah has a beautiful voice and will always will but ari is not even close to bad. She has a true talent and can really sing

    • Mariah was 20-ish when she recorded emotions originally

    • Agree!
      You can tell the music industry is in deep poop when
      some talentless but horny lady is compared
      to Mariah…big whoop if she can sing as high
      as Mariah, there’s no power in it.

  4. of course mariah was better. ariana sounds like she’s singing through her nose

  5. some of these comments on here sounds like jealously towards little 19yr old Ariana if she sounds like that at 19 just wait until she gets older my GOODNESS that girl is freaking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!Go head Ariana let the haters hate Mariah Carey wishes she had what you have at 19 Mariah wishes she had it now a matter of fact lol!!!!!

    • Aariana S says:

      Actually Mariah Carey discovered the whistle register when she was like 10 or under and she still can sing so what are you talking about? Also, Mariah Carey can form words with the whistle register, she can go from her chest voice to the whistle register in one breath and it sounds flawless, Mariah Carey’s highest note is a G7 in the whistle register, and she can talk in the Whistle register, and she could do all of that when she was around the age that Ariana Grande is now. Ariana Grande can’t do none of that if she could she would be a legend but she isn’t.

      • For one thing how do you know that Ariana Grande didn’t do all the stuff you said Mariah Carey did at 10?Maybe Ariana started younger than Mariah who’s to know.Your judging this young girl before you know all of her history you don’t know all of what Ariana is capable of doing.You all are judging her to quick your tying to say she’s not a legend yet well one day she maybe and she might be bigger than your dear old friend Mariah no one knows give the young lady sometime.All I’m saying is if she sounds that good already at her young age and she continues this way she surely will be a legend she’s almost there now with that powerful voice,the skies the limit for that young child.

        • Actually Ariana did a video explaining her whistle tones & even said she hasn’t mastered them, in fact she did several & they were off key & could not be held long and she even admited that it would hurt her when she did them. besides in her new song “The Way” she added in the studio version, whistle tones at the end, kind of like those in “Emotions” but after hearing her perform the song live you can tell she can’t do them! She just replaces them with really high notes!! So just because she covered the song & it sounds similar it does not mean Mariah & Ariana can be compared! M’s vocals are far greater than hers! Even at 19 M had already an amazing steady set of pipes!

          • @Kendra do you fucken research.
            Ari did an amazing job for someone who hadnt done them before compared to Mariah who had been practicing since she was 10 .

            & look up the way live.. she does do the whistle notes properly & SHE CAN DO THEM.

          • in your fourth sentence you just said that mariah cant be compared to ariana but you were comparing the both of them in your previous sentences wow

          • Well, sad to say guys. Once upon a time (as told by Mariah and her mom) she just woke up speaking in a whistle register. Her mom was in shock when she heard her daughter like that and told her that she should not go higher because it may destroy her voice.
            Would Mariah Carey’s voice would sound like that if she is “PRACTICING”. like many of us know, she is just a pure talent who just sprout out from nowhere. She didn’t even had any experience singing in a bar or any place when she got her first number one single “Vision of Love”.
            Ariana started in show business at the age of six, in my own opinion, she should have started as a singer rather than an actress. I just think that by that way, she might be able to harness her voice on a different way rather than sounding like her idol.
            They might have differences but ARIANATORS be honest, MARIAH CAREY is her greatest influence when it comes to music. She admit it, she’s proud of it, and she look up to Mariah.
            By the way, the cover of the “Yours Truly Album” is somewhat very similar to Mariah Carey’s “Emotions Album” (Just remove the wind lol).
            I love Mariah so much, I am a proud Lamb here, and i also like Ari, i always watch her in Nick. I just hope that she will retain her image as a sweet child because many teens are a fan of her.
            Let’s just stop comparing, someday Ariana will have her own image. I also wish that you guys should support her in her ups and downs. I don’t want to happen to her what happened to Mariah before when she had her break down and her “true” fans left her. Let’s just support both. Just stop saying that Ariana is the new Mariah, both artist doesn’t like that, and there iss no new Mariah because Mariah Carey is forever and will always be Mariah Carey unless she had her name changed. Thank You. and this is not a hate comment. guys be open minded. even Ariana doesn’t like to be compared. let her do her job to have her very own image.

        • The special thing about Mariah: she whistled with vocal nodules and that usually when you have that you can’t sing high or sing.

      • Well Aariana. Mariah’s mom helped her and is the only reason she can do the whistle register. and jeez your all like. getting worked up over a really good cover. if you think ariana grande is sooooooooo bad why don’t you sing a cover and let us hear? I mean obviously you guys know more.

      • @Aariana wtf sit down!
        All J.L is tryna say is that Ariana’s amazing & that she can do things alot of others cant.
        also to stop hating, stop frickin comparing you bitch ! -___- getting sick of dis shitttt

        • Your tears are delicious XD Anyways, Aariana has a point and is making them without without being a nasty bitch like you are. Keep crying though, I love it XD

      • Derious Macias says:

        Dammn I didnt know all that go mariah lol and its pretty stupid when people say stop comparing her to Mariah Carey when she sings just like her shes even said Mariah is her inspiration so we know she spend her time listening to Mariah song and trying to sing them to perfection she is a great singer tho

    • Okay hold on… Ariana is 19… yes. Mariah is a LEGEND. Ariana can fall off, not saying she doesn’t have talent. You can’t compare a newbe to a legend, and to the height of Mariah Carey. It’s like saying Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson… they’re different time anyway… but let me tell you she will never be better than Mariah, and for you to say Mariah wishes she had what Mariah Carey has… you sound like a complete idiot. I’m more than sure Ariana Grande doesn’t have the magnitude of fans, recognition, respect as a legend singer than a girl that just started singing… and covering Mariah’s song as well. Basically by Ariana covering her song she knows Mariah has a great voice and song… because she very much does hints Mariah’s voice… both talented… but Mariah is the legendary singer.

    • Okay hold on… Ariana is 19… yes. Mariah is a LEGEND. Ariana can fall off, not saying she doesn’t have talent. You can’t compare a newbe to a legend, and to the height of Mariah Carey. It’s like saying Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson… they’re different time anyway… but let me tell you she will never be better than Mariah, and for you to say Mariah wishes she had what Mariah Carey has… you sound like a complete idiot. I’m more than sure Ariana Grande doesn’t have the magnitude of fans, recognition, respect as a legend singer than a girl that just started singing… and covering Mariah’s song as well. Basically by Ariana covering her song she knows Mariah has a great voice and song… because she very much does hints Mariah’s voice… both talented… but Mariah is the legendary singer.

    • Once again Mariah was about 20 when she recorded Emotions originally

    • Yep, whenever someone has a diff of opinion you call it jealousy.

  6. Noooo nothing like Mariah Carey.. Mariah is WAY better.. She could never be like Mariah or sound like her… Is so its BC they do stuff to her voice to make it sound like Mariah….

    • if you listen to her other cover of emotions (with out background music) she does NOT use any equipment to make her voice sound like that. It is all natural.

    • Shes already proved she can sound like Mariah Carey and who knows if she dose get better than her ANYTHING is possible and if anything Mariah should be flattered that Ariana sounds like her and ppl like Arianas Music

  7. Hahha .. No one is Jealous of that 19 year old girl mc is soo good

  8. Stephan says:

    They’re both amazing. Similar voice types but different nonetheless. So Mariah’s is a bit deeper than Ari’s… They are both great. It is possible to be fans of 2 people with similar voices. T say oneis better than the other is only a matter of personal opinion. Or just being stubborn on liking the original legend. Either way. There’s room in the world for both of them…

  9. Aariana S says:

    Ariana Grande sang the song well but how can you compare a music legend to a Nickelodeon star? Obviously I choose Mariah because she is original and Ariana Grande is trying to sound like Mariah Carey in her new song “The way”. Also, don’t try and say that I am jealous because I am not I can do the whistle register too.

    • “Oh please” you can do the whistle register too?We would love,well I would love to hear you do it upload it on youtube or something Lol……….

      • Just cos shes from Nickelodeon @Aariana that means shes not as good?!
        Sit down, youre embarrassing yourself.

        @Essay HAHA I agree!


  11. Mariah is a legend and did beat Ariana in this battle, however this girl has that wow factor! I def give her props on the cover. Ariana is on her way up, Mariah may be on her way out for the time being… I love Mariah don’t get me wrong, but ariana might be moving on up!!! Only time will tell

  12. Jackle.22 says:

    Just because you say Mariah Carey is a legend doesn’t mean she won the battle that’s your opinion doesn’t mean that it’s mine or others.Everybody is in titled to their own opinion just make sure you mention it’s your opinion and your not speaking for others.

    • Mariah has won countless awards for her “legendary” status, been around for 23 years, sold 250 million records and is one of the most influential singers of all time – I think Mariah is most definitely a legend. I don’t know if you agree or not but let’s face it, if someone didn’t agree with that statement (it’d be really silly to call it an opinion since the facts I just mentioned, plus much more proof, speaks for itself), then they’re completely bonkers.

  13. Some people here are absolute idiots. Whistle register is not as rare as y’all think. Ariana is a soprano and hence she easily developed one. I being a guy too can whistle upto C#7. Mariah is the empress of the whistle register because of her unparalleled dexterity. Ariana is NOT the next Mariah Carey, sorry please.

    • Tamile.W says:

      your right Ariana is not the next Mariah Carey,Ariana is the next Ariana Grande and that’s just as good even better.

      • Yes… she’s herself. Her fans make her look like she wants to be a copy of Mariah by comparing or saying she’s better. They suck for that.

    • Lies I bet no I KNOW that Mariah Carey heard the song the way and said holy shit when did I sing this y’all just mad got shes pulled out Mariah techniques

  14. Ariana grande is my favorite disney girl. Shes goofy and playful and absolutely rocks. As a a disney gitl i knew she could sing since that is a requirement for disney, but damn girl i didnt know she could sing like that. Ariana dont let none of these haters get to you. You are a great person and great talent and most of these people talking crap probably couldnt carry a tune in a wet bucket. They wish they had your talent and fame but they are nothing but people who wish they were more. Keep your head up and keep doing what you do and sing your heart out beautiful!

    • She’s not on Disney…

    • I don’t wish I could be Ariana… If you don’t have any real opinion over the topic… except talking about “hater” and “people trying to be like you” be quiet because you just sound like you want to be relevant. She most likely wont even read this talking to the wind.

  15. mariah wins she is jus better even at the age ariana is mariah was vocally better ariana is amazing tho but no one beats the queen ariana said it herself no one dose is like mariah

  16. Radjahmni says:

    There’s a whole bunch of girls in the U.S who sings just like Ariana Grande. In the music world it’s not a matter of talent anymore it’s a matter of chance. The contacts that you make with people. Have you ever heard Mariah Carey sing live ? It’s a mind blown. Ariana Grande is a very good singer, good for her she’s getting there I wish her the best. However, it’s not fair to compare the two because they are not from the same generation, it was harder for Mariah Carey to get up there she worked hard. Today it’s so freaking easy to make your voice known by people. Plus, the technology has gotten better ! Much better than what Mariah’s generation used to get in terms of studio recording. Ariana has her own style and it will be better for her career to develop her own.

    • Hahahahahahaha you’re embarrassing yourself yes mariah Carey a legend can sing like her but there isn’t a “whole bunch” of girls in the US with arianas talent so scroll on!

  17. fair judge says:

    Mariah did the song better. It was more powerful,deep with soul. However, Ariana did the best Mariah karaoke I’ve ever heard. She should find her own voice, and style , or she will never get out of Mariahs shadow. I personaly wouldn’t mind being able to sing like either one.

  18. To end the conversation lets just say this,Mariah Carey fans thinks that she sounds and is a better singer than Ariana Grande.And Ariana Grande fans thinks she sounds and is a better singer than Mariah Carey,now does that sound fair to you all can we just leave it like that please.

    • Those are people’s opinions but let’s face facts – Mariah’s voice is more versatile than Ariana and she can manipulate her tone for a lighter, airier sound like Ariana’s or rich and husky, which is her natural tone. And keeping with facts – Mariah is the better singer, that is not an opinion, even if people wanted to argue with it.

  19. The ONLY significant difference between Mariah and Ariana is their tone. Ariana’s tone of voice is smooth and warm, whereas Mariah’s tone is rich, husky, sharp and concise. That is the only major variation between their versions, both of which are undoubtedly and absolutely perfect.

  20. Mariah definitely has a more powerful voice. I mean Ariana does have a great voice too but Mariah nailed it

  21. Shawney/22/3/04 says:

    Mariah Carey fans can’t handle the fact that whatever set Mariah Carey apart from other artist no longer does.That Ariana girl is amazing she nailed that Mariah song only the jealous haters would disagree shame on them.

    • Shawney/22/3/04@you must mean whatever set Mariah Carey apart from other artist in only her fans minds.Because to me Mariah Carey never was all that to begin with she can sing but she ain’t close to being the greatest even almost the greatest singer ever or even just the greatest singer out there today.

    • I don’t know what you mean by “no longer does” because she may not be as great as before but she’s got 23 years of experience behind her and sold 250 million records in that time, as well as influenced practically every other female singer since she arrived (including your precious Ariana) so what set her apart then still sets her apart from everyone else now since Whitney Houston has passed away and Celine Dion is no longer as commercially successful.

      • Sweet16DreamQueen says:

        EXCUSE-MOI BUT WTF are you talking about Celine is no longer commercially successful?! CD has debuted the top ten in 18 countries around the world with her latest English album “Loved Me Back To Life”. Not to mention, she has recently completed successful tours under her belt. She has had one of the most highly rated (the second, to be exact) documentaries on the Canadian version of The OWN Network earlier THIS decade. You need to get your facts straight before you post it because YOU TRIED IT. Come correct, or else you get corrected. Case closed. The defense rests.

        Oh and P.S. I’m all for Ariana being Ariana, weather ppl love her or not. She’s talented. I like her, she’s growing on me little by little, step by step, day by day. I just recently bought her new album which is quite solid (10 out of 12, not bad). She seems to have her head on strong, give us good music for years to come. In fact, I find her to be motivational, especially for someone my age (we just so happen to be 30 days apart in age). But anyways, Mariah is an extraordinary talented artist. I have always loved her music and yes, absolutely Mariah is a legend. But she’s not the only legend. Whitney is a legend (may she rest her beautiful angelic heavenly soul in eternal paradise), Celine is a legend (AND STILL SUCCESSFUL to this very day), and Toni is a legend, as well. So let’s end the bickering and just celebrate the wonderful music. That’s it.

  22. mariah all the way! says:

    Yes,I’ll hand it to her,she can sing! But you cannot compare the age differences. Mariah hit one of her highest notes in “All in your mind” and the lowest in “I don’t wanna cry” both from her first album,when she was damn 19! Ariana CANNOT do what mariah did when she was 19…..
    And ariana’s whistle register sounds too forced. Mariahs whistle register is so loud that the mic literally has to be like 30cm away from her mouth. And can even burst a freakin glass. You just cannot compare the 2!!

    Yes Ariana can sing,but shouldn’t copy Mariah carey at all!

    • Ariana all the way! says:

      Ariana all ready got people threatened by her and she just gotten started you GO GIRL!!!!!!!your driving these jealous Mariah Carey fans crazy your gonna be huge I swear it.I can’t image whats running through Mariah Carey’s mind right now………IGNORE THE HATERS ARIANA JUST IGNORE THEM!!!!!!

      • “Oh, it’s cute this little girl is influenced by me and trying to sound like me but we’ll see if she can sell 250 million records and stay in the business for over 23 years…” is probably what’s going through Mariah Carey’s mind. She has nothing to worry about because even if her voice goes completely, she’s still got her legendary and influential icon status to live on, something I highly doubt Ariana will ever achieve, especially if she keeps on trying to copy Mariah’s voice and songs.

        • If you think Mariah is that mean to be putting bets on a 19 year old little girl, then you must not be as much of a MC fan as you claim. I think Mariah would be honored and proud to see a fresh face in the industry with a great voice. Now that Mariah has kids and a husband, shd is probably trying to inspire a new generation anyway.

          • I’m not a huge MC fan actually but I just can’t stand little teenyboppers who are just mere copycat singers and their deluded fans who think they’re anywhere near as good as Mariah. I imagine Mariah is proud that she’s such a big influence on so many young people but I doubt she’d be impressed by someone who sings good karaoke versions of her songs with no originality.

        • Mariah is a nice person and her husband owning sony records kinda helps.

        • You doubt she’ll acheive this? @DirrtyBoy88
          You just sit back & watch.

          & it aint Ariana’s fault she got given a voice that sounds like Mariah’s.

          Mariah fans are just getting angrier and angrier tryna keep their ‘precious queen’ on top.. baha.

          • Nah it is Ariana fans who can’t find any more reasons why she sounds auto tuned or doesn’t do any live like “she is 21 give her a break” mariah was 20 with a vocal condition. she still whistled.

          • @Annabelle and that ultimately ruined her voice. She has done well and her voice was breathtaking but now, not so much. Maybe it’s the right time for Ariana to improve in her vocal techniques such as enunciation and breathing. Now in 2014, Ariana just released her sophomore album, My Everything, completely crushing the Mariah comparisons. She is finding her own sound and even experiments EDM and some more R&B in songs such as Love Me Harder and Be My Baby. Personally, I believe she sounds better live or a Capella than in the studio versions. She’s a great artist and will go far. Though I believe the songs she dances to tires her out, I thing Ariana is more of a vocalist than a performer unlike Beyoncé who can dance the night away and still sing beautifully. Mariah on the other hand is too busy what with her two babies to even care about what’s going on in the music industry now. She’s having a break but I can’t wait to see if she’ll come back after her kids are grown up! :)

  23. Ariana is good at that song but Mariah Carey is just

  24. trying to sound good even though she isnt a aweosme singer but Ariana is better and her song the way when she sang that high pitch way better then Mariah Carey go Ariana

  25. La Mariah says:

    really this stupid we all knows who sang better quit hatein on Ariana her voice isn’t that strong of course so wow Mariah maybe congradeds her she aint worried about Ariana taking her place duh and Ariana is not trying to copy Mariah she just wanted to do a cover dang and her song let her have her moment she just wants to share her gift so ur saying because ” Mariah is the best” she shouldn’t try wow they are both good singers so ima leave it at that plz ppl stop hatein just stop dang

  26. Tanisha Salary says:

    The fact that she is hitting the note is enough for me. I wonder how many others can sing it???

  27. Mariah’s vocals are way better. Ariana sounds like her nose is blocked or something. I don’t understand the obsession with her. What Ariana can do was already done about twenty years earlier. Mariah is the original: Ariana’s voice is nothing special. Plus, why doesn’t she sound like Mariah in Put Your Hearts Up? I think she only sounds similar because she tries to. Don’t compare a legend to an amateur. Mariah is beautiful, Ariana is FUGLY. I’m not jealous of Ariana, I’m jealous of Mariah Carey<3

    • I totally agree with you. I’m not a hater or jealous of Ariana, but she will NEVER, and I mean NEVER have the skill that Mariah naturally has. Ariana is a totally copycat of her. She has a “cutesy” voice, whereas Mariah had and still has a powerful and awesome, powerhouse voice. Ari’s still young, so she will find her voice as she grows in her career. I just wish she would stop tyring to imitate Mariah:/ She needs to find her own style!

    • Yeah fine, Mariah’s better.. but what got me is the Ariana is ‘FUGLY’ part..?

      When Ariana’s a hundred thousand times prettier than Mariah? :L BAHA!

      Go get some glasses or something

    • Fugly? Haha mariah has a stronger voice but ariana is definitely prettier and also you can say a legend like MC is better than her but you cant say ariana is nothing special you just sound stupid

  28. Ariana Grande did an amazing job! She’s a powerful singer and she will go far in her career and most likely be a legend just like mariah carey. She has a lot more growing to do, and mariah’s voice is a little deeper and maturer. Ariana has a different sound that fits her!

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  32. I guess Ariana idolizes Mariah because she sure acts like a narcissistic brat! But with all due respect to these over the top singers, it will really surprise me if she can match Mariah even when she gets older. High and low? Come on…. She does have haters, some of them who are as pretty or probably prettier, because she acts like an idiot and makes 19 year old girls and women in general look trashy.

    • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!! Hahaha you couldn’t name me ONE trashy thing ariana grande has done and you can’t say she isn’t amazing! Clearly you’re jealous and you know nothing about ariana so just shut up

  33. well i think just because she has a character that has her play a not so bright person doesnt mae her an idiot make your jelly or something cause she is beautiful and talented so how is she trashy and maybe when ariana gets older she well surpass mariah because of now that she’s older mariahs voice isnt the same so she strains a little if you actually listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the whistle who cares shes gonna master it duh…………………………………

  34. I agree that she has a great voice but she never use whistle tone in her live. I cannot believe her voice in the studio.

    • Maddies, her voice is NOT better than Mariah’s. Mariah’s voice is stronger and deeper so stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. Ariana was much better than Mariahs voice ariana had more passion than mariah and ariana had to put more effort than mariah. I LOVE YOU ARIANAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX you can be much better than mariah

  36. King of England says:

    Ariana was the BEST xxxxx love u ariana

  37. Ariana was the best but the thing is to u people who liked mariah is wrong because ariana has a voice of an angel and mariah is aggggggg like a wolf diying in pain and is so bad no efense to those who like and love mariah and has a bad fever on her but ariana gronde is like an Angel and has a voice like the beat singer in the world maby better although I don’t know who the best singer in the world is but is better than the best singer in the world xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • You need help. Mariah was one of the best singers in the world alongside Whitney Houston and although she’s not as good now, she’s still one of the best and has proven herself to be – hence her legendary status and the fact that she’s influenced pretty much every other female singer since the 90s, including your precious Ariana, so you might want to respect those your own idol respects (and impersonates) before talking rubbish that you know nothing about.

      • Oh get over its not arianas fault she was blessed with a voice that sounds like Mariah’s except not as deep(which I think is better than a deep voice) and you were not get over it!! Or go back to school and learn that you can’t just wake up one morning and think hmm ill sound like mariah Carey so stfu!

        • Mariah was technically a far better singer than Ariana. Ariana’s belts resonate in the nasal cavity and therefore have very little resonance. She also mixes unevenly, which is why many of her belts sound weak and almost like head voice. To compensate for this lack of resonance, she shouts in mix, which only barely increases her volume. Mariah’s belts are massively resonant, and she has shown a much wider array of technical skills than Ariana. It is not merely an opinion that Mariah was the better vocalist at the same age, but concrete fact.

  38. Arianas whistle tones a were much better than mariah because mariah was not a whistle tone it was a scream un like ariana s whistle tone so duh to the people who thought mariah whistle tone was a whistle so

    • Wow, do you know anything about music or singing? Mariah has one of the most well-developed and controlled whistle registers of all time, that’s why she’s so known for it. Ariana’s whistle register is not as good – as is proven in her other video where half the time she’s blabbering on about not faking her whistles and the other half trying to prove that she can do them properly – and most of the time she wasn’t doing it properly and she didn’t even know if she was doing it correctly or not. She also said after recording Emotions she couldn’t sing/speak or whistle afterwards and that it hurt – if she had done them properly and was as good at doing them as Mariah, that wouldn’t be the case.

      • Ariana doesn’t even do them live!!!! she does high notes not whistles. And in the video it was so enhanced… it sounded like Kidz bop… Mariah’s sounded real

  39. I love u ari!!!!!!!!!!!,!

  40. Kaitlyn ? says:

    Everyone needs to stop mariah was the same age when she produced this song .. Nobody is better then thee orignal bc they cnt do it exactly the same soo its not right everyone needa stop they noth proffesinoal nice singers ????????????? so stawwp with all these shit & i dnt see why ur opionion matters bc there nevarr gonma see it and u couldnt do it any better ????

  41. Kaitlyn ? says:

    Srry bout the question marks i put emojis and tht happened

  42. Ariana Grande comes across as nothing but a cheap, second-rate Mariah Carey wannabe. I don’t care for covers of songs that are practically exactly the same as the originals, and this was one of those. Her voice isn’t as special, soulful or as powerful or well-developed as Mariah’s and all we’ve heard from her so far is singing Mariah songs are songs that make her sound like Mariah but with less substance – take her single “Baby I”, for example… YAWN! Don’t get me wrong, Ariana is a good singer with good technique but nothing amazing that we haven’t heard before – from Mariah. And the title of this post is ridiculous and a stupid question – I mean, who in their right mind would honestly choose Ariana over the original?

    • Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

      Why cant you accept Ari’s amazing & stop comparing?

      You frickin keep commenting about your fucken annoying “queen” Mariah when Ariana did an amazing incredible job too.

      Why cant you accept theyre both amazing?
      What? Cant share the spotlight or..?
      Its not Ari’s fault her voice sounds like Mariahs

    • I’m just laughing at the fact you said “I’m not that big of a mariah Carey fan” ahahaha you’ve commented under EVERYTHING!!! Mariah has had her time in the spotlight old news that’s why she’s a legend as in she’ll be REMEMBERED now its arianas turn every generation has/needs a mariah/Whitney you’re just for some reason unhappy that its her piss off

      • but ariana can’t whistle for sh*t!

        • so you need to be able to do whistle tones to be a good vocalist? My friend can do whistle tones yet her singing is always off key/off pitch. Whistle tones don’t make you a good singer. If you can make them, use it well. If you can’t, so what? How good a singer you are isn’t defined by your vocal range, though Mariah has a wide vocal range, her voice is sometimes raspy and can be unpleasant. And some people don’t even like the sound of whistle notes.

  43. i love both versions but imo ariana’s sounds a little nasal.

  44. Please will you just stop with Mariahs problem and just shift off and there is no need to swere

  45. I like how people keep saying Arianna is in Mariah’s shadow. I mean she can sing really high. You don’t see people saying that Alica keys is in Whitney Houston’s shadow just cause they can both hold a note. They both sing really good. that’s just a simple opinion of everyone. and by commenting on here saying either one is better is dumb. neither of them are going to scroll through this site and see what people write. Also since when did everyone on here become masters of range and tone. Some people act like they know everything, telling the obvious isn’t really making you sound smart. and going on about this topic is childish. If your such a good singer why don’t you become one. that’s why Arianna is a singer, because she is REALLY good. just because Mariah Carey has been here longer and learned how to hit really high notes younger doesn’t mean anything, she just learned at a younger age. so calm down.

  46. OH and dirty boy. stop acting like your better then everyone and like you know what your talking about. if your so well known with how singing works how come your not a famous music producer or maybe a singer? Is it because you have no clue what your talking about? because Arianna sang her own songs. Mariah Carey didn’t make “love the way” or any of Arianna’s other songs. So stop acting a fool.

  47. Ariana Grande sings way better than Mariah carrey period so that’s it Ariana grande wins so hahaha

  48. Stephanie says:

    does it matter they are both super talented and gifted and blessed with their beautiful voices

  49. Being married to nick cannon sure helped her keep her career.

  50. Yes its me. You guys are hurting me bye saying and comparing me to Mariah. We are totally different ladies. We may sing alike but this needs to stop. Im a totally different lady. Stop the disrespect towards me & Mariah. Some people are so imature about this. please stop. follow me on twitter & im making a new song soon (:

    with lots of love

    ~Ariana Grande

  51. For the people saying you can’t compare them because of their ages and status…MARIAH WAS 21 when she recorded Emotions, Ariana is 20. AND Mariah was still a new artist when she released Emotions. So you can say all that “Ariana’s voice is still maturing” crap all you want but Mariah was the same damn age as Ariana so your claim is INVALID. Face it. Ariana’s cute. But MARIAH CAREY?! There’s no competition. Ariana’s voice is thin and soulless. Mariah’s is rich, powerful and soulful. Mariah is the better vocalist BY FAR. Compare them AT THE SAME AGE. Mariah blows Ariana away. Everything Ariana has done Mariah has ALREADY DONE times TEN. Emotions was Mariah’s 5th single and her 5th #1 SINGLE. All the singles from MC’s debut album went to #1. Ariana is already behind where Mariah was at that point in Mariah’s career. You Ariana fans can stare your “OPINIONS” all the hell you want but these here are the FACTS.

  52. None of them reaches the voice of Highbreed.When mariah was 13 she definetly not hit a G#7 or E7 that Highbreed nweze did on his youtube channel.Highbreed is only 13 and has comparison to mariah carey and he is a male.Ariana is good but not up to Mariah carey let alone Highbreed nweze.

  53. Karissa. No she doesn’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  54. Look, Arianna needs to just do everbody a favor by deleting that damn emotions cover. Arianna Grande will never be better than Mariah. It’s one thing to honor somebody by doing their song like Arianna did with emotions. But then the way raised eyebrows then she comes out with baby I , she just wants to be Mariah so bad! Mariah Carey has 5 octaves, Arianna Grande has 4 according to research. Stop comparing them. Mariah doesn’t doesn’t have time for ignorance and copycats. In my opinion, Mariah has a more delicate yet strong and powerful voice. Arianna Grande has a loud voice that soumds like she is having a seizure or some other shit. Oh and Dirrty Boy, I like you.

  55. @Jen, maybe dirrtyboy hasn’t found a desire in , music. He clearly said that he wasn’t a big Mariah fan. He was just sticking up for her and her legendary voice. And Yes, Arianna will be in Mariah’s shadow, because she Arianna has a loy of potential and can most definitely sinh. But not if she’s going to do what Mariah has already done back in the 90’s. Not trying to sound like a know it all but accoring to research Mariah co wrote the song emotions so stfu talking about how people were writing most of her songs. There’s a guy named Harmony Samuels that wrote a lot of Arianna’s songs too. So people need to get it right and back off my baby mariah carey. (:

  56. J.L shut the fuck up. Mariah doesn’t wish she had Arianna’s voice. Mariah has her own voice and Arianna has her own voice, end of story. Mariah is 110% better in my opinion. Mariah has 19 number 1 hits. How many does Arianna have? And no, why the hell would Mariah want the voice of a damn copycat. I have a whistle register. You don’t see me trying to be Mariah. Singing isn’t even what I’m trying to acheive. Being a lawyer is. Arianna may be the second best cover, cuz the damn bitch ass copycat can sing. But she needs to stop trying to be Mariah and whistle every 5 seconds. Everything Arianna is tying to do, Mariah has already done. Hands down, Mariah slays Arianna in a sinh show down. So bitch boom, Arianna.

  57. Ariana grande’s vocal range Eb3-B5-E7 4 octaves.Mariah carey E2-A5-G#7.Highbreed nweze Eb2-B5-C8.No one sings like Highbreed with strong whistles and belt.

  58. Hell no.Ariana is more of a F#5 belter than a true singer.Highbreed’s E5’s are unmixed in his cover of ‘At last’ and his A5-B5 sound smooth cause they are mixed.Mariah cant belt very high and make it effortless like Ariana and Highbreed.Mariah can belt to G#5 and can whistle to G#7.Ariana can belt to B5(With no resonance from F5) and whistle to E7.Highbreed can belt to a B5(Heady sound but smooth) and whistle up to B7 in his ‘Emotions’ cover.I dont know where Monique heard a C8.

  59. Nothing but a copycat.

    • Shut up Anonymous.Ariana Grande can sing well.Highbreed Nweze is even a bit better than Ariana.Highbreed Nweze and Ariana Grande murdered Emotion(even though Ariana did not do the C3).Ariana Grande Eb3-B5-E7.Highbreed Nweze Eb2-B5-B7.

  60. I think it’s funny how people think and pretend how they know their notes and they know the exact note he or she is singinging on. Yes they probably were hitting those notes. But people should be focused on the sound and not about highbreed and Nweze and shit. No offense though.

  61. Mariah is 100 tines better than that fake ass bitch mariah is and always will be a legend

  62. All i see is Mariah fans saying Ariana will never be like Mariah.

    Can you tell the future? Do you know what shes gonna do in future? Do you know exactly the full extent of her voice & what its gonna be like with more training? NO.

    Watch your mouths.

    Besides, Ariana’s voice is amazing & so is Mariahs.
    Personally, I think Ari’s cover is better but thats cos its more modernised and I just think it is. But obvs yous must have a different opinion.. blah blah.

    Ari is still gonna be the nxt big thing.. shes already on her way!

    • and all i see is all of these arianators claiming she is the queen of whistles. she can’t even go to octave 7. plus she uses falsetto which mimics high notes. Plus you just asked can you tell the future? and then said Ari is still gonna be the next big thing…….. what a way to prove a point!

  63. First of all these two singers should not be compared to each other they have diffrent voices. The reason why I say so is because there is no resemblance in the tone wich they speak ,if they could speak the same tone don’t you think they would have sang the same. So please people although both of them can do the whistle tone Maraihs is stronger and more powerfull.

  64. Okay. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Like you think Arianna’s version is better. I personally like Mariah’s better. Because HELLO, she co-wrote Emotions. From what I saw online (which you can’t ever know if it’s true) Arianna didn’t hit all the whistle notes. Once again Mariah has five octaves while Arianna has 4. So she wouldn’t hit all the exact notes. I do admit Arianna Grande is a very talented singer. But will NEVER be or replace Mariah. Period, point, blank.

  65. Oh and @Yaaana. Don’t tell me to shut up. You need to shut the hell up. Arianna has been singing for a while. But as a professional singer she just started. It’s my personal opinion. Like how you think Arianna has the better version, I beg to differ. But I’m not going to try and make you think differently. Because I have at least a little respect.

  66. Ill say this although both ladies have beautiful voices Mariah Carey had the more mature voice around that same age and in her singing abilities she has a much more expanded registry. Adriana voice doesn’t go as low as Mariah. I dont know if Ariana was classically trained but you can tell Mariah Carey was. Her voice is stronger even in the upper octave registry.

  67. I love Mariah, but I’m an arianator, and ariana SLAYED at singing ‘Emotions’.
    For all the people who say that ariana can’t sing,
    You can’t sing better than her – no one can so stfu
    but please stop comparing ariana to mariah – she’s not the second mariah carey. She is the one and only Ariana Grande and you guys should really respect that.

    • of course your’re an typical arianator. you don’t let anyone have there opinion,stfu and slay. you sound like the typical 8 year old arianator we all know and hate :)

  68. I look at it as if it were for Queen Mariah to co-write “Emotions”, there would be no Arianna Grande cover. I think the comparing is very controversial and just needs to stop. I believe Mariah did the better job by far because she helped write the song. So, comparing and saying that Arianna sang the song better is your opinion but kind of invalid in my opinion. O_O

  69. Victor says:

    Ariana did the best Emotions cover ever, but her tone and Mariah’s are nothing alike, mariah’s tone is stronger and heavier than Ariana’s, the only thing they have in common is the singing style

  70. Until Ariana Grande’s version breaks Mariahs records it will NEVER be better than Mariahs! Just saying, but awesome cover of a legendary singer!

  71. Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna skate, alligators gonna alligate. Get the f*ck over it, they both have powerful voice, why must you argue over such a petty topic

  72. Hi this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have
    to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience.
    Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  73. i think mariah and ariana grande has beatyfulful powerful voice and you will be amaze because some people cant even hit a high note like that.Shit i cant even do it my self and its good that ariana has a voice like mariah carey.Shes 19 for god sakes im 14 and i cant even do that and some comments on her sound jelouse assfuck mad cause some of yall cant do it. She has a blessin and stop dick sucken because i love her songs even her no matter i how much she sounds like mariah carey and stop capering them.They might sound like eachother but they dont look like eachother .lol.

  74. Jessica says:

    I feel like if they were to sing emotions live, Mariah would hit it out of the park and Ariana wouldn’t. I mean obviously they are both amazing and out of this world but Mariah has a way better vocal skill and she knows exactly what to do when she sings. Ariana is still learning from her abilities and she hasn’t reached her full vocal control potential.

  75. Ariana’s cover of Mariah’s classic “Emotions” is one of the best cover i ever heard. But for me, the original is far beyond better than the cover. Many say that ariana is way better than Mariah but if Mariah never became famous, neither Ariana or any artist will. So if you think that Ariana is better than Mariah, then think twice…. although she has a voice match to Mariah, no one can surpass the content, style, strength and inner voice of MARIAH because she sing from her mind and heart!!!!
    P.S. No MARIAH, No ARIANA!!!!!

  76. So Amazing! says:

    Mariah and Ariana definitely should not be compared. I was born in the 21st so I should be more into Ariana but I’m not. I love then both. Of course, I look up to Mariah because she is a legend and one of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard. I love her originality and her voice. She has influenced many singers within our generation; from Beyoncé to Christina(they have both said it themselves).But, I love Ariana, too.

    I respect them both as themselves. Ariana Grande is Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey. I don’t know about you but I like it like that. :) <3


      You are right. Ariana has her own amazing way of singing and so does Mariah Carey. In fact Ariana Grande’s role model is Mariah Carey so yeah…,

  77. Ariana “Whistles” don’t even sound real. They sound so enhanced that I thought she didn’t even sing them. And the weird thing is ,she never does “whistles” her notes are falsettos. She’s mimicking whistle tones. They don’t even sound like Minnie’s or Mariah’s whistles. And then her fans come and say she’s only 21 Mariah was 20. your point?


    I am an Ariana Grande Lover and Mariah Carey lover. I did some research and Ariana Grand’s role model is the one and the only…. MARIAH CAREY!!!
    They both have whistle register. Can you believe the role model thing?!


    Whoever the DANBO guy is, is so totally wrong!
    DO you even know Ariana?
    Do you even love music?
    If u PPL didn’t know I have every single normal and DLX album of all singers and I love Ariana the best!

  80. Awesome post.

  81. All you people who think arianna grande is or will ever be the new mariah Carey or better,need to get your ears checked because she will never be mc. Arianna grande sounds like garbage besides mariah’is music has been sung since the 1990’s but most of you ariana fans don’t even remember the words to the way. Mariah Carey is and always will be better than ariana. If you say Ariana is better your ass is lying

  82. I just played both in sync a and they sound exactly the same.
    Any salt gonna be thrown i suggest you use it to feed your starving family.

  83. ChickenandChili says:

    Mariah Carey is better to me and Ariana Grande is pretty good too but she would never be better than Mariah Carey that’s like saying Bobby Brown is better than Michael Jackson knowing that’s a damn lie


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