The REAL truth behind BET’s “The Game”. Next season will be it’s last, the return of Kelly Pits, and More

There has been much speculation about what exactly is going on with BET’s show “The Game”.

From paycheck issues to cast feuds, all have been listed as reasons why Pooch Hall (Derwin) and Tia Mowry (Melanie) will no longer be returning to “The Game”.

Well I will first report that pay was not an issue for a cast. The cast was very well taken care of. They signed contracts at the start that were very generous to say the least. Speaking of contracts, the cast signed a 3 year contract, this upcoming season will be the third year. These contracts will not be renewed. So that means next season will be the last season of “The Game”.

Also Brittany Daniels, who played Kelly Pitts, is still a cast member of the show, and will most likely make her return during the third and final season. It was reported that she was let go because she demanded to much pay, but that is NOT true. She is still on the roster. If you remember when promoting the return season the cast said “Brittany is dealing with personal things right now” which was true.

Pooch Hall signed on to do another production which is why he could not return, my guess is a better project. So Pooch was not fired, but Tia was. No Derwin, No Melanie, why not cut your cost?

Speaking of Tia , Tia also deals with mental issues. She has to do everything as a group and immediately panics if changes are made. She may have had something to say about Pooch not returning, which may have helped Mara Brock Akil with her decision to pick up the phone and fire her.

BET as a network didn’t have any involvement with these changes. This was all done by the production company, Akil Productions. The network is also contracted to host the show for three years they may be glad it’s their last year with this show because it has been a diaster ever since it returned.

So that folks in the scoop. This is what really happened. All the claims of low pay and conflict are not the reason the show has seen these current changes.

Are you guys sad to see “The Game” leave?


  1. brittany williams says:

    the show was not a disaster but i am sad to see it leave and however tia mowry is she still makes more money than you

  2. Wow I am sad I wish the show was still coming on but it didn’t end rite to me but I love the show

  3. Yazmine says:

    I’m really sad that the game is leaving it was the best show.

  4. It was very inapropreiate t[p list any one’s person problems or issues about them, esspecially online, how unprofessional and evil. YOU should be sued and hold accountable for your action

  5. Your facts are incorrect. Tia was not fired. She decided not to return because they were planning to reduce her character. I don’t think that I will be watching season 6. Derwin and Melanie made the show.

  6. cdiamondmarie says:

    Its funny how someone so called picked up the phone to fire Tia, but on her show with her sister her manager had contacted her with the bad news. She was so devastated and hurt, I find it hard that she was confronted or aware of what is said of her dismissal from the game. I think the show will fail without her, her character was just real life; I won’t be watching much without her.

  7. joyce mayers says:

    The Game show’s problems began when BET took it over. Seems to be a racial issue. Please do not encourage segragation any more. Races are more respectful now than in the past. Cast fueds, race, cast dismissal were the demise of the show. Hoping the cast fine new representation.

  8. It sucked ever since coming back!! They shouldve never came back on it ruined the series. Glad it’s going off I will not be watching.

  9. I like the show even if you say it was failingI watched every episode every season the show should not go off that happens every time a good show comes out you guys take it off instead of talking down about the show do what you can to make the show better instead of giving up

  10. Tia and Derwin made the show. Yes. I loved all of the characters. But
    Tia and Derwin kept the show going. It was a terrible decision to
    Reduce their characters. And how dare you disclose someone’s mental problems if
    any. Who does that. I loved Derwin and Mel. Devastated they aren’t apart of the season.

  11. JD Mason says:

    If I must say adding Brandy was ummm, the wrong move. Derwin & Melanie was the show of course with Tasha Mack. From the commercial’s it seem like they’ve add Loren London, love her but this isn’t her scene. Sorry but BET gets it WRONG, EVERYTIME!! Every show that goes to BET is on it’s way to destruction. Sad but true, whether they have something to do with it or not. #IJS!

  12. Its not the same with out Tia and pooch and kelly Pits Brang Them back the game is ok but i miss them

  13. I cant believe that you would speak of someones mental issues and I think its a lie but, who does that wow so tackie and I love the game but it is not a great show any more without Derwine and Melanie I mean really big mistake getting rid of them

  14. I love the show since day one Melanie and Derwin was a very big part of the show the writers caster who ever get it right the show to good to be lost!!!!!!!!!

  15. Linwood says:

    I agree. The show has been jacked up ever since moving to BET. They cut the funniest couple out when Kelly Pitts left. The only thing I saw that seemed better was malick but the didn’t fully utilize that

  16. Let a real fan of the game comment. Yes I miss Kelly and I really miss Derwin and Melanie. They
    made the show. It seem so real. The show definitely need Malik and Tasha is definitely needed. I also miss Brit Brat the old character. You can remove Kera and keep Blue. Kera acting is so prwdictable. Please keep Jason. He is too cute. Continue the show please.

  17. Zahra Mahmoodallah says:

    Why are y’all gonna out the poor girl like that, that’s so not cool. She worked damn hard on that show. Now she’s having her name dragged through the mud because of her own personal issues. Shame on you!!! Leave the poor girl alone.

    • Zahra Mahmoodallah says:

      Hey popples sorry about the earlier comment. I miss read why the show was ending. I loved the game, Tia did an amazing job, Derwin too and who wouldn’t love the all powerful queen Tasha. I’ll miss all of you.

  18. This show is TERRIBLE now. BET made a gigantic mistake writing off Melanie and Derwin. If anything, they should have done a spin off and changed the name. At least keep the original integrity of “The Game” intact.

    If they were smart, they’d have them back on as a guest as a way of keeping them involved in the show. I find it ridiculous that these people were all like “family” and now nobody keeps in touch with them. What, the Davis’ never come back to visit? Tasha was about to carry Melanie’s baby and now they don’t speak? This sh*t is awful! BET needs to fire their writer ASAP because this story is so unrelistic.

    • MegannClaire says:

      I was hoping that they can have a reunion type episode to bring back Melanie and Derwin to the cast to show how things are for them right now and just for the fans to see the original cast back together.

  19. Tia and Pooch did not make the shoe if they did then they would stil be around the fact that Tia didn’t want to return and pooch went to another show ray Donovan bad ass show I must say is irrelevant the game has strong story lines and the characters keeps it alive I agree good shows always get cancelled so don’t blame the cast blame urselfs for not supporting it more and if u wanna see Tia watch instant mom it’s ok not great. The problem with Tia is she wants to always be in charge like she kept callin it her show kmt if u act bigger than the show wat did she expect. Bottom line is the show is great too many fussing about that made it drop but hopefully it will end on a high note. Oh and malik and his mom made the damn show. Ca their bout that life lol now u tell me a catchphrase of Tia lol nope didn’t think so oh and yh she ain’t real ca if she was then why try and act like u ain’t got white in ya kmt fake I love tamera more now she’s real

    • rhonda fountain says:

      I Hate to see show leave it has been a great show will miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MegannClaire says:

      Malik, Tasha, and TT were the main reason I watched because they always had me laughing but as I kept watching the show( when It came to BET) I actually enjoyed it very much.


  21. Terrence Barnes says:

    You alll should keep production going because you are going to lose a big part of BET viewers its actually one of the main reasons i watch honestly cause 106 and park sucks

    • MegannClaire says:

      I totally agree with you. But I think this season may be the last season because I heard the season 7 is only going to have 10 episodes. I don’t know if it is actually true though. I hope not.

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