Floyd Mayweather – The Double Standard – Are men allowed to hurt too?


There are always talks about the double standard when it comes to women. Women aren’t allowed to be sexy, they aren’t allowed to have multiple sexual partners, they aren’t suppose to make more money and more are among some of the double standards that women are “faced” with. But there is also a double standard […]

New Music : Kandi Burruss, D.Woods, and Porsha Stewart “Legs, Hips, & Body”


If you watched the last season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta than you couldn’t have missed Kandi’s Play “A Mothers Love”. Well not only has the savy business woman released the stage play to DVD but she has released a soundtrack with all original music from play. Of course one of the more popular […]

New Music : DJ Khaled FT. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, French Montana and Rick Ross “They Don’t Love You No More”


First things first. I am convinced that French Montana and Future share voices. Okay with that out the way. Can I just say that Meek Mill might be my favorite rapper. Every time he raps I get so hype. Like you could be mid depression and Meek Mill comes on and you will feel like […]

New Music : Ariana Grande Ft. Iggy Azalea ‘PROBLEM’


No doubt Ariana has a huge voice on her, but I am kind of getting annoyed with her releasing songs that should have happened in the late 90′s/ Early 2000′s and they just didn’t happen. Every time I hear one of her records I feel like I have heard it before, but it seems to […]

Throwback Tuesday – Lil Flip FT. Lea “Sunshine”


I bet you all had forgot all about this record! But this was the JAM! When it came out in 2004. Yes it has been ten years since this song came out. I was 14!!! They don’t make songs that just feel good like this anymore. I’m bout to drop the top on my benz, […]

Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson both dropped from their labels, is independent the new major label?


In urban music Keri Hilson and Kelly Rowland are no doubt a part of the R&B House of Representatives. Everyone knows about two or three of their songs, they always secure a pretty popular feature but for some reason they can never make it to presidential status. With both acts being dropped by their respective […]

Mariah Carey covers Wonderland Magazine, is it age appropriate?


Now I am all for being sexy and holding on, but the latest cover of Wonderland Magazine is a prime example why Mariah Carey just can’t seem to get it right these days. Mariah, is tapping on 50 years old, doesn’t realize they trying to hold on to her sex kitten days are only hurting […]

Video : Young Money’s Shanell FT. Yo Gotti “Catch Me at The Light”


Just in time for the spring time weather, the warm weather jam “Catch me at the light” is the newest visual serviced by Young Money Signee Shanell. I love this song. It is the perfect song to play in the car with your drop top, and if you don’t have a drop top like me, […]

D.Woods calls it quits with new single


Is she calling it quits on the entertainment industry? Not anytime soon, but the clever title for her new single “Call It Quits” certainly had people buzzing when it dropped last week. The singer is preparing to issue her new album, the follow up to “My favorite color volume one” and it will be her […]

Rapper Plies releases “Racist Muthafucka” a song dedicated to Donald Sterling


Now who would have expected Plies to be a rapper to draw attention to social issues? Although it may not have been done in the classiest way the “Bust It Baby” rapper decided to address one of the most popular headlines as of late. In case you have been living under a rock owner, well […]