New Music : Danity Kane Ft. Tyga “Lemonade”


This is a mess. Besides the stupid lyrics who let Aubrey start the song off? The harmonies are on point but they would have honesty been better off releasing “Cry Baby” cuz this ain’t it. This ain’t popping. And that’s all I’m going to say. How do you have a power house singer like Aundrea […]

New Music : Usher “Good Kisser”


Thank God for Jesus. This new Usher single “Good Kisser” is everything I paid my tithes and offering for. This song is it! It is so good. I think Usher has finally tapped back into his Confessions juice because the swag he shows on this record is classic Usher. It is so catchy. Man just […]

New Music : Lil Wayne FT. Drake “Believe Me”


Dog. Drake is like my favorite Rapper. Everything he laces is just great. And he always be talking that real! “Believe Me” is pegged as Lil Wayne’s single but Drake really took over. Not to take away from Lil Wayne whose verse goes in to, either way this record is a smash! I know “Nothing […]

New Music from Rapper, Pastor, Veterinarian, and Pimp “Ma$e” and it kind of Goes in


Why does Ma$e randomly have a hit on his hands? But wait. I thought Ma$e was a bishop these days? Jesus be a saint who is just a sinner who fell down. Anyway though, “Nothing” is Ma$e’s new single which features singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger and I am not mad at this song at […]

Jennifer Lopez releases new album cover for “A.K.A”


Now Mariah Carey, this is how you stay sexy in your old age. Miss Jennifer Lopez has come through!!!! Although there is no confirmed release date, and I haven’t been too impressed with any of the single choices I hope this album cover is an indication of the music because she looks great!! Unlike Mariah […]

New Music : Nicki Minaj FT. Soulja Boy “Yass Bitch”


No Bitch No. Who got time for this? Not me. If this is any indication of what we can expect from Nicki’s upcoming album, I will be heading over to Paypal to purchase Lil Kim’s newest album. Now I did hear this was just done for fun and I sure hope so, cuz the list […]

Must See : Porsha Stewart Performs “Flatline” Live


Wayment. Isn’t Porsha Stewart out on bail? She not suppose to leave the state is she? Jesus be a Phadera Parks. But anyway though, Porsha is well on her way to becoming the next Tearria Mari. “Flatline” is the single that Porsha is currently…ummm…pushing? And she took to the stage in NYC at the Gay […]

New Music : Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good”


From his upcoming album album “Xscape” Check out the new single from Michael Jackson that Usher debuted tonight on the first ever I Heart Radio music Awards

New Music : Jennifer Lopez “First Love”


I see what Jennifer Lopez is trying to do. She is trying to take us back to a time where Jenny was from the Block. She is trying to create a nostalgic feel for us late 80’s early 90’s babies. But she keeps missing the mark, for me at least. From “I Luh Ya Papi” […]

Floyd Mayweather – The Double Standard – Are men allowed to hurt too?


There are always talks about the double standard when it comes to women. Women aren’t allowed to be sexy, they aren’t allowed to have multiple sexual partners, they aren’t suppose to make more money and more are among some of the double standards that women are “faced” with. But there is also a double standard […]