Has Mariah Carey’s Voice ruined her career or is it her new music?

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey hasn’t been taken serious as an artist for a few years now.

Many people say Mariah Carey’s voice is gone and that her childish antics prevent her from being the “Diva” she once was.

This dialogue was prompted because the other day I stumbled across Mariah’s last album “Memoirs of an Imperfect angel” in my iTunes. I hadn’t paid much attention to the project seeing as the singles weren’t something I expected from a singer who was responsible for “Hero” and “We Belong Together”.

I felt the first single “Obsessed” was extremely childish and bought into a gimmick, which Mariah Carey does NOT need. So I’m listening to the album, and I’m like wait. Mariah Carey can still SING! I was like why do people keep saying she cant?

Then I sat and really listened to what I was listening to. “Up of My face” is a catchy song and gets me hype, but it’s stupid as hell. And the good records on the album likes “It’s a wrap” and “Standing O” never made it radio.

So I figured. Mariah Carey can sing, she’s just singing stupid ass songs!!! Who really wants to hear Mariah singing Eminem diss records? Who really wants to hear Mariah Carey on a track with Nicki Minaj?

What we want to hear is MARIAH CAREY. Not this bullshit she has serviced to us as of late. We want to hear her sing records that make sense, songs that display emotion. We want classic Mariah Carey.

So in closing, Yes Mariah can still sing, she’s just singing stupid shit.



  1. My thing is this I never thought Mariah lost her voice,she just didn’t like full out sing like she use to do.I actually heard her once say that it was boring just singing to hit high notes and that she wanted to do more with her voice.I just feel she needs to find a better balance with those songs that folks wanna hear and those songs that are more urban and fun for her to do.from what i hear everybody else just wants her to stop those kinds of songs period,they want her to be like she was before and i don’t think that’s fair. Cause if she can do both she should,just to TRY and please everybody.Her single choices for her last album did her in imo not her material itself

  2. Sad thing is that she isn’t the only one who’s not singing. Seems like thats the way to go in the industry now. I just think Mariah likes playing. She’s accomplished MORE than MANY (I would say all), so she’s just doing stuff to pass time. We all know what she is capable of.

  3. If you can’t do what Mariah can, then shut your ass up. Mariah is a very witty and sarcastic person, and I believe Obsessed and Up out my face were diss songs to eminem. Because when Nicki was rapping, it said something and eminems is a yellow bag. But point is, stop being critiques about shit you can’t do.

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