What did Dwoods really tell TMZ? + The Truth about her not being with Danity Kane



Today TMZ ran an “interview” with Dwoods and they didn’t run the full interview so you know I had to come clear the air on not just that interview but what really went on with the whole reunion thing. Below is the screencap of the interview she did with TMZ, it was a pretty good length although they didn”t used majority of it. Also below is my post from a forum about what really went down, I just copy and pasted my post because I’m being lazy lol

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As you know Danity Kane reunited last night (missing one important person) at House of Blues in LA, what did you think about the performance? If you haven?t seen it? here is a video.

**They girls did well! Its great they are still performing the sound that I helped create with them and fans are still in love with those songs. So it was like I was there in spirit.

Why did you choose not to work with them?

***I found out about the Danity Kane reunion the same way everyone else did, on line and on TMZ. I was in rehearsal for a major production in Atlanta and heard they had a lunch in LA and I wasn’t invited. As you know its been 5 years and we all have been involved with projects to continue our careers when there was no communication or desire to reunite during that time. But when trying to explore options on how to reunite with them and honor prior commitments I was met with resistance and they chose to move on without me. I have always left the door open to considering the reunion.

Do you regret your decision after they finally performed last night?

***Based off of the information I was given, or lack there of, there’s nothing to regret when a decision is being made for me.

How were they able to use the Danity Kane name, since it was Diddy?s and you?re missing as well?

***All five of members have always been and still are equal part owners in the name Danity Kane. Still having ties to the name and trade mark, when I was presented an opportunity for all five members for a Tv show and tour, I shared that with the group’s manager. However, I was told they wanted to continue using the name as four. So we will see.

Any words for the ladies as they try to make a comeback?

***Our fans don’t have to pick sides. I’ve always wished you well and would love you to support me the same way. Thanks for your time and interest

My Post from a Forum

Hey Guys,

I was sent this post on twitter and wanted to clear up some things because I didn’t want anyone thinking I was lying on behalf of Dwoods or making things up. I want to start with the production deal. Everything I said was true, Dwoods was working with this company in hopes of securing her own situation, once rumors started to swirl about a Danity Kane reunion that company approached her and was like, we can guarantee a tour, and television show for Danity Kane, but only if all five members sign on. The project she was working on by herself was tentative, but the deal offered to Danity Kane was definitive. So basically they were ready to green light a Danity Kane project, but “work on” a Dwoods project. Anybody knows that as a group they are more marketable and can make more money together, as five, than any of them solo.

When D brought this deal to their Manager Johnny Wright, he advised her that the group was not interested and that they wanted her to sign over her rights to Danity Kane. The girls, all five, have always owned the name and business Danity Kane. Although Dawn created the name, Dawn was not in the group alone. Dawn did not create the music alone. Danity Kane until this day is owned by all five original members. All of them, including dwoods, owing the same amount of shares.

As far as Dwoods saying she was “busy” which is why she didn’t join them, its called damage control. its like this you have a group of friends who are invited to a party and you aren’t. so when people ask you why you weren’t there you’re like “oh i had better things to do”. And although Dwoods did have other projects she was contractually obligated to fulfill, she never once told those girls no. But when they decided to move on without her what was she suppose to say?

If they really wanted dwoods to be a part of it they would have contacted her and said “Hey D when will you be done with your outstanding projects so we can set a date for all of us to reunite” that didn’t happen. Although they let Aubrey release “Between Two Evils” and Dawn “Goldheart” nobody rushed them through their project so its unfair for them to rush her. Not to mention I don’t know why Dawn is speaking on dwoods willingness to reunite or not seeing as though Dwoods and Dawn have not talked in about 4-5 years.

Until this day, you can google articles like the one below where dwoods says that “”If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again,”


Then you can see interviews where the other 4 girls shade her talking about “dwoods who”


I thought they said they invited Dwoods and she said no?so why in this interview they say she didn’t meet the deadline? did she say no? or did she not meet the deadline they set without her consideration? Which is it?


Its funny how they can shade someone who was a founding member of their group, yet turn around and use all of her vocals during their reunion show. If you listen to them perform show stopper at the reunion show, you hear nothing but dwoods, and she wasn’t even there.

I’m providing proof and backing up what has been done and said by Dwoods, and although TMZ did not run the whole interview this is how it was sent to them in full. If you have any other questions about the validity of this post you can @ me on twitter @mrldavis and I will confirm I wrote this.

Also many will ask why I go so hard, not only is she a friend of mine. But she went through a very grueling process to be a part of this group, as all 5 of them did. Its unfair that she is being shaded publicly by the same girls she once shared the stage with. Even if Dwoods did decide not to go back why say “dwoods who” and act like you don’t know who she is yet use her vocals in a reunion show that you didn’t invite her to be a part of?

Crazy thing is Dwoods still today says if their was a plan of action set in place she’d be down to reunite with them. But Dawn Richard and the Danity Kane’s aren’t having it.



  1. So she didn’t talk to Shannon about a possible reunion????
    She “found out” about the reunion online but she secured a deal for a reality show/tour and presented it to DK’s manager for a reunion she was surprised about? Not trying to be funny but there must be some details still missing. By the way Aubrey’s project was rushed. She said it herself on a ustream that she rushed it so that she can dedicate herself to another project which we now know is DK. Dawns project was release at the top of year so it doesn’t count. Also up until this reunion business I have never read or seen anything from D that has said she was down to do a reunion. she has always referred to DK as her past and followed up with I’ve moved on. Aubrey has always been the one who’s publicly lobbied for DK to reunite. I hope this is the last time she speaks on this. If she’s moved on then move on.

    • I agree, whoever wrote this is contradicting themselves. How did she not know if she was informed of a reunion tour and show? FOH! I USE TO LIKE DWOODS , BUT THST BITCH PLAYING THE VICTIM CUZ SHE BROKE

  2. Well, you yourself sound like you’re shading Dawn Richard get give her the most props on previous posts such as your post of the reunion show where you say “Man, and that Dawn Richard!” as a show of approval of her work on that stage. So you my friend are instigating for your benefit.

    • Exactly, that shows my ability to be honest. Dawn Richard Killed the reunion show. There is no doubt. Dawn Richard sings better than most people with a record deal. Does that negate her being shady and her practices to use people? no.

  3. Everything sounds shady here. But, I distinctly remember an episode of MTB when Diddy saw Dawn’s drawing & asked her what the name of the character was. It was Danity Kane. I’m wondering how the whole group owns the name if it was Dawn’s creation/name of her drawing. And, let’s be clear here, you are friends with Wanita so your view is skewed to side with her.

    • Walt Disney created the name disney world, does that mean the current CEO doesn’t get paid? No. They all own the name. They all registered the company “Danity Kane” in multiple states. Just because they didn’t come up with the name together doesn’t mean they don’t all own up. Dawn came up with the name, not the business.

  4. Whatever…. She’s doing her solo shit and they are back together as danity kane lets move on…. it’s annoying as fuck how dwoods bottom bitch is being fake though… Praising DK one day then talking shit the next…..

    • RIGHT!! D Woods was lying then when she said she was busy with other things or she is lying now when she says she wasn’t invited to be part of the group. Maybe she didn’t drop her projects by there deadline, her fault, DK had to reconfigure everything for 4 vs 5, I’m sure that’s alot of hard work, then when she sees all the DK hype she wants in, NO! DK could of been back months ago if she jump on board when everyone else did. MrLDavis and D. Woods are just making D Woods look petty and salty. And IF DK didn’t want her back in the beginning and Never invited her to reunite, then it was for a REASON, maybe D Woods started the drama in the past with the Ebony and Ivory stuff. Hope she has fun watching DK or DK4 if they end up changing the name because of her. And hope she enjoys her penny royalties, cause i don’t see any judge giving her the big bucks for some minor background vocal clips,,, IF DK even used it at HOB, cause from what i saw and what people have been posting they witnessed Aubrey and Shannon stepping up singing D Woods parts/verses.

  5. I understand that dk is a group….however danity kane is dawn’s creation…that’s her name…she created that name in high school as a comic book character…that’s her blood sweat and tears in the name..yea..one person does not make the group…but that NAME belongs to dawn…I see a lot of changes in d woods story…but it doesn’t matter…she is not apart of the group now…doesn’t seem like she will be in the future either. ..those girls have moved on…they had a awesome concert and a hot new song….imo…they look better as a foursome

  6. i didn’t hear d.woods’ vocals during the house of blues show though *kanye shrug*

    • NO ONE did….except her and her delusional friends who went to spy and report back to her. Clearly Shannon sung her parts and sounded better than the original. Her presence was not missed and she’s bitter about it. I would be too, but if she had any real friends they would shut down her social media and let her be mad and bitter, then she can return in a couple of months

    • thats funny because besides the new song, they used the same backing tracks from the making the band tour.

      • OH MAN, … so her OOOoOOo and AAHH’s were in the background…. and you can prove they were no one else’s OooOoo and AAAhhh’s …. and lets say someone does prove it. She will get pennies for her pieces and tons of hate for her posture, say goodbye to any fans she had left for being such a salty person.

        • Just saying… besides friends and family any fans she got were from DK. For her to try and tranish that name can’t be a good look to her DK fans.

  7. Here is where you lost me. I have heard interviews d woods has done where she says out of her own mouth that she had other commitments and that she would be down to reunite in the future if its in alignment with her schedule…ummm the business does not work like that. If something is being offered to you and you are not ready, you miss out. Danity kane and management, and labels, and tv offers are not going to wait for when wanita is good and ready. Period. Your blog post lost all credibility when you said aubrey and dawn didn’t have to rush their projects. Um aubrey had to rush release between two evils on a USTREAM for pete’s sake, so that it didn’t conflict with the DK reunion! If you watched the ustream you would know that. The bottom line is danity kane has moved on. they look great and sound great. The best thing for wanita to do is to handle this with grace and class because these interviews she is giving are not a good look for her. She is coming across desperate and bitter which are both unbecoming of a lady

  8. I call bullshit!!!
    I know at least 2 of the current remaining members were in the middle of other obligations and they DROPPED what they were doing thats a FACT. I swear Dwoods has flipped her story at least 3 times. This blog is biased and won’t get her any sympathy. All she is doing is fanning the flames because EVERYONE is throwing her shade we all know she’s thirsty for a paycheck. If she was smart she would publicly beg and grovel, if they refuse to let her back in then they look bad but right now she looks bad!

    • Begging and gravelin will not help her at this point , because she has already been dishonest about this situation which is making people dislike her. And now she is on twitter talking about hiring a lawyer to go after DK for using her background vocals? is she crazy…i mean that has got to be one of the most petty things i have ever SEEN, making her look even more desperate.

      • Dawn said it best on the Rap-it up interview. There word is BOND this time round, first time there were alot of loose-ness with trust and honesty, this time WORK IS EVERYTHING. Obviously, Wanita is showing each day her word isn’t worth a grain of salt.

  9. Wanita….D.Woods…girl….cut your losses and move on. You said before you weren’t interested and that you want to move on then stop talking about it. Danity Kane slayed their comeback performance and you weren’t expecting that, I understand. But trying to have your Kelly rowland “dirty laundry” moment is late, especially when you doing your laundry at the laundromat. Use this as fuel to get your shit together. When Letoya Luckett was kicked out of destiny’s child she wasn’t bitter (at least not in public) and she WON (2 successful albums and still relevant), take notes and good luck, I’m sure someone somewhere cares about your music and artistry. I’m sure you’ll at least be featured on one website (this one) :)

  10. Clearly this is a ONE-SIDED skewed view of the whole situation. You AND D-Wanita seem to be delusional when it comes to this situation.

    • I Swear we should START A MOVEMENT! We “liked” D. Woods in DK. we should keep that memory untarnished by referring to her form here on as Wanita. LOL Just saying….. #DWhoThatsWanita ;)

  11. Lets be clear here, D Woods spent her post break up time shading the ever living shit out of Dawn so miss me with the “classy” “victim”. I don’t believe any of it. Aubrey & D play these games all the time, would not be surprised if they’re in cahoots, trying to keep D’s name on everyone’s lips.

    How you expect a original cast reunion when you just stated Dawn & D have not spoken to each other in 4 – 5yrs? How on earth do you expect me to believe D was out here hustling setting up a reunion and contracts that would put food in Dawn mouth when she can not stand her?

  12. Bottom line is: This whole thing is a mess but those hoes killed HOB! WITHOUT, D.

    D is a bitter B, Dawn is a bitter b and Aubrey is a bitter b but she will tolerate the situation as long as she gets that spotlight. The other two have my attention for simply staying out of the messiness.

  13. RealityCheck says:

    D.Woods needs to get her story straight, she claims to have moved on yet she’s clinging on her last thread. Her story has changed so much in many interviews its quite tragic how D is trying to stay relevant. If D.Woods really approached them with all these deals why doesn’t she have that much pull for herself? I mean her last EP was free…..The way this blog makes it seem is that she belongs headlining with the likes of Beyoncé. Lets get real, like this blog says the likes of all 5 of them were needed for them deals, she needs them more than they need her & she made the mistake of acting like she was too good to join em. They reached out to D.Woods besides she has never shown interest in any of her past interviews they way the other 4 have. They each had other obligations they put aside or rushed but D.Woods had no care in the world about it even released a statement saying she wished them well. It wasn’t until aftet DK started making real moves that all of a sudden D.Woods had an interest in the reunion and started to switch it up saying she wasn’t invited but would love to rejoin them. Now she’s threating with Lawyers dear god she’s tryna milk DK for any kind of pay. If D.Woods is tired of the shade she shouldn’t throw it herself. D needs to stay on her grind and not worry about DK and let fans support both acts without creating sides and dislike between DK memebers past & present.

  14. ^The common sense it the 16 comments above is amazing.

  15. Bottom line to all of this is…. Wanita is hurt that they don’t want her no more! She needs to get over it! Don’t know why she even wants to be in a group where people don’t like her and she’s not fond of them either! How uncomfortable would that be??? I would feel a little bit of sympathy for her though, if I didn’t think she was a bish (She showed her true colors at the reunion, where she sat up in her chair intentionly blocking Dawns view of Sway, talking in circle and wouldnt even give a yes or no to a future DK reunion! She was soo negative and jealous of Dawn it was sad! Hell, Aubs and Dawn went back and forth, in the end Aubs said yes it things worked themselves out *it could be her need for attention like you said*) *Shrugs* Anyways, I am not one of those DK fans who don’t give her her props, she was a good asset to the group, but DK did fine without her, soooooooo she will not be missed!!

    SERIOUS QUESTION: WHAT DOES WANITA WANT FROM DANITY KANE?? It has to be money, cause it can’t be to share a stage and get put back a situation that she so badly wanted to get out before, cause of a shakey foundation!

    • FUCKING Exactly , We have yet to Hear What is D.Woods MOTIVE . He can talk all that shitt and bash the other members but he can’t tell us what is she trying to gain .

  16. GOOD LUCK to D Woods in her career but lets move on from this…..

  17. Why Must You Bash Every Member and Talk Down to prove a point that still have discrepancies in it . Ok so you are her friend go but you ARE NOT Making her side any better . Have you seen the countless videos and Interviews where D.Woods herself has said that Danity Kane is her Past and Would like to focus on her solo endeavors or how about when she didn’t want to take a picture next to a(n) Danity Kane Welcome to The Dollhouse Platinum Plaque saying Oh No we Will not do that. So who is really shading who ? MRLDAVIS . Check Mate

    • Are you an idiot? Bash every member? the only other members I mentioned in this article was Aubrey and Dawn, there was no mention of aundrea or shannon. And the only reason I mention aubrey was to say she put a project out there was no shade. And I need you to point to one video where dwoods said she didnt want to be a part of it. Has she said she won’t be. Yes. but shes never said she does not WANT to be. Check mate that bitch.

      • Every time she does An Interview she sounds as if She Is Annoyed with the words “DANITY KANE” This not only recently but in the past , how does someone that looks as if she is annoyed want to be back in the group . And For those Videos


        and Maybe You Can Explain her statements here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgRrA0q9rJE and How they have change to Now and this was 7 months ago

      • Why is is that you think Shan and Drea is okay with being in Danity Kane along side Dawn and Aubrey, but without Wanita?? That’s the main question I ask myself! Shan is most neutral out the bunch, I just think its weird that she’s okay with it, and you consider Dawn/Aubs the bad persons in the group! Since you answer for Wanita, can you tell me what she wants Danity Kane to do??? Like just not be a group anymore?? I don’t get it!

      • You indirectly mention Dawn. All D. Woods wants is money and fame now that Danity Kane is going back up and she’s relying on her label.

  18. I agree with some of the comments above. What is D. Woods trying to gain? If you notice in some the recent interviews that the new DK gives they talk about how they all had solo projects that they were working on…once the idea of the reunion came around and they were all contacted; those that wanted to be apart of Danity Kane STOPPED their other projects. Not postponed…STOPPED! D.woods is trying to make it seem like she wasn’t invited or out of the loop or met with resistance. Really, she wasn’t ready to be fully committed to making DK work. She had her side stuff that she clearly feels is more important than what got her fame In the first place. I believe her intention in the whole situation was to use DK as a stepping stone to be a solo artist. Listen to how she refers to herself (singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist. Blah blah blah????… No one really cares). The other girls are not trying to stand alone anymore. That is the true testament of who really wanted to be there. I don’t think it’s 4/5 members obligation to wait on Wanita’s prior commitments. I follow Dawn and Aubrey and both rush released their solo albums because of the reunion. RE-listen to some interviews after the break up and she clearly wanted to move on from DK, likening a reunion to running into an ex. People are upset at this because DK absolutely slayyyyyyed the HOB performance (no one really gave a care that D Woods was missing by the way…because she herself wished them well and seemed confident that she was going to continue on solo, and suddenly wanita is saying she wasn’t invited. No, the reality is that they moved on without her because she wanted her solo side shit. It was a gamble and she lost. How hard is it to say yes I want to be in the group of no I don’t… Why be ambiguous? “I’m open to recording or performing again”. Fans want a group that works together and all have the goal of taking over the world together. Isn’t that why we fell I. Love with the girls anyway!? Looks hella desperate because you can’t on one hand wish them well and on the other talk about suing them.

    Again no one missed D.Woods at the concert. If she wanted to reunite with the girls she would have dropped her projects and done what they all did????????????. She didn’t because it was too risky. Back in august, she could have picked up a phone too. Looks like she missed out. The only thing that she is doing now is causing a scene. Seems Thirsty.


    I actually really like Dawn. Although, she has always come across a little cocky.

    Aubrey said it herself, none of them will ever be as successful individually as they were/are as a group.

    If that really was “damage control” that was a bad move. Bitch you better had called Olivia Pope because that was stupid. Talking about how you were too busy, and too good for them.

    If that really was the case why wouldn’t she just said up front, WTF? nobody told me.

    As for this article, it was completely biased. Clearly you were coming from a negative place when you wrote t because of your connection to D.

    I think there’s more to the story. If someone as sweet as Shannon is going with it, there’s obviously something that has gone down with DWOODS that we don’t know about.

    Not trying to attack her, I’m just saying.

    They wouldn’t all just turn on her for no reason.

  20. to me it seems like dawn wanted to be the only black girl in the group …… what other reason would their be and I do feel like dawn may have told the other girls one thing and then did another when it came to DWoods being in the group just as she had done right before the group broke up and the same as she done when she put her 2cents in on day 26’s problem

    • That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Dawn is not the groups manager, you idoit. Management contacted ALL the girls. D Woods wanted them to wait for her to do her solo projects first, but aint no body got time to be waiting around on that chick…everybody else in the group rushed released their projects or stopped working on their projects all together to do this. D woods had the opportunity to do the same and SHE CHOSE not to

  21. At this point it’s like beating a dead horse. Danity Kane new era consists of 4 members excluding D.Woods. Whoever don’t like it, don’t support it. The majority of DK fans from what I’ve seen are not missing D.Woods presence. It is what it is, move on. I’m sure D.woods will continue to do whatever it is she is doing and the other girls will continue to carry on the work that was left unfinished. I know it hurts for the ppl close to D.Woods that DK is winning and continuing without her but that’s life. Stop bringing these receipts and old interviews when in reality no one cares. Only ones who keep saying D.Woods is lying months after the fact are just pressed and trolling. Let. It. GO.


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