The Battle Of Danity Kane : Who won Dawn? D’Woods? Or Aubrey? with their New Singles?


It’s been a while since we seen the girls of Danity Kane united, but now they’re back, just seperatly. Within the past few weeks Aubrey O’day, Dawn Richard’s , and D’woods, the most popular 3 members of fallen group Danity Kane, have released their own solo singles. All three young ladies are trying their hand […]

Song Battle: Beyonce vs. Tyrese


I haven’t done a song battle in a while so I thought I start this back up again. A lot of people in this world believe that your zodiac signs reveals more than just your birthday. Some people believe zodiac signs reveal how good you are in bed, relationship compatibility, and more. With these next […]

Song Battle: LeToya Luckett Vs. Jazmine Sullivan

letoya (1)

Who needed who the most??? In this song battle we see two artist who need their man pretty bad. In LeToya’s “I need A U” she dramatically expressed her need for a man, any man that is. As she does not single out just one man, but any man, a “U”. The more popular record […]

Song Battle : Janet Jackson Vs. Ashanti


For this batte we want to see who wants their man the most. Both are these songs display each artist stating all the little things they would do for a guy, IF they were their girlfriend. “Girlfriend” by Ashanti, and “If” By Janet Jackson both use the line “If I was your girl(friend).” So which […]

Song Battle: Beyonce vs. Christina Milian


This is the battle of the “I Miss You’s”. Its not about vocally ability but the lyrical content for this square off. “Miss You like crazy” is lifted from Christina Milians album “Its about time” and Beyonce’s “I miss You” comes fro her latest album “4”. Which artist do you think said ” I miss […]