Chris Brown and Drake being sued for 15 million by club for fight, lawsuit says its Rihanna’s fault


Picture From Eonline Many of us remember the epic fight between Chris Brown and Drake in which bottles were thrown in a New York nightclub. Many people were injured during the fight, including the club. The company that owns WiP nightclub in NYC, where the fight took place is now asking Chris Brown and Drake […]

Evelyn Lasagna releases statement about domestic violence, contributing to the reason it’s not taken seriously.


Yes I called this woman Evelyn Lasagna. I said it and I ain’t changing. At this point many of us are aware of the head butting incident that occurred between reality star Evelyn and her husband, former Football Player, Chad Johnson, AKA Ocho Cinco. Well now little miss running across the table to attack people […]

The Miami Dolphins release Ochocinco after he head butts Evelyn Lozada


Damn, if Chad aka Ochocinco was a rapper, he’d probably be dropping a single today. But he is a football player and got dropped. In case you missed it over the weekend Chad Ochocinco and His wife Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives) were involved in a domestic violence situation. It is said that Chad head butted […]

Two and Maybe Three of The American Idol Judges have quit. Are TV Talent Show Competitions Over?

And then there was one, and maybe none. It has been announced that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez both have chosen not to return to judge the next season of American Idol. Rumors are also swirling that long time American Idol vet, Randy Jackson, may not return as well. This is very interesting because these […]

Did Day26 break-up via Twitter?

Is there trouble in paradise? It seems so. Last night while many of you all were sleep, my ass was up following what seems to be the end of Day 26 as we know it. Well not as we know it, because many of you thought Day26 had been broke up, but whatever though. So […]

Are you here for a “Think Like A Man” sequel? Well it’s coming!


I guess it makes sense to capitalize off such a success but is a sequel really needed? I feel that “Think Like A Man” did a great job at telling the story it set forth to tell, while developing the characters and their stories. A sequel so soon could tarnish the memory and novelty that […]

Has Irv Gotti betrayed Ashanti again?


You know when they say if someone shows you who they are believe them, well that seems to be proving itself true once again. It was a plesant suprise to many of us when we found out that Ashanti and Irv had went back into the studio, to create what we thought would be the […]

Boxing Promoter Offers Chris Brown and Drake to step in the ring and fight

Everyone seems to be trying to cash in on this Chris Brown and Drake fight. First Tony Parker sues the club, now a boxing promoter wants Chris and Drake to handle their issues as real men do, in the ring. A celebrity boxing promoter is hoping to capitalize on the alleged nightclub brawl between singer […]

Rapper Meek Mill gives first hand account of Chris Brown and Drake Flight Says neither threw a bottle

This is probably the most attention Meek Mill has gotten in his life. He should drop a single called, Chris Brown Drake Fight. Anyway, Meek Mill was in attendance when the infamous Arbor Mist bottle incident happened last week between Chris and Drake. Mills says that he only saw girls throwing bottles in the club. […]

Chris Brown got attacked by Drake and his entourage in club fight last night!


Above is the result of an attack on Chris Brown last night in New York City, at Teyana Taylors signing party. For those who don’t know Taylor has signed a deal with Kanye Wests’ Def Jam label, G.O.O.D and threw a party to celebrate. There is much speculation about why Drake and Chris Brown got […]