Remember When : Mariah Carey has that weird ass baby delivery


So we all thought it was weird that Mariah Carey was pregnant for about 43 months, but the delivery room was a bit more weird. We all know how extravagant and over the top Carey is but this might have taken the cake. When the babies were coming out of Mariah’s cooch, she wanted the […]

DMX and his Wife are going to rehab together for VH1 show


Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder. As an effort to “save” their marriage and get their lives on track DMX and his wife, Tashera Simmons, have agreed to go to rehab together. Now great, Rehab is a great thing to get peoples lives on track, but as a part of a reality show? […]

Ice Cube set to shoot a new “Friday” movie with the original cast


The movie “Friday” has been a classic movie for years. The first installment of the series starred Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia long, and John Witherspoon. Although “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next” starred Cube, the fan Favorite Chris Tucker was missing. Well according to TMZ, if the new installment of Friday happens Chris Tucker […]

Jim Jones got robbed and jumped?


This is why Jim Jones won’t marry Chrissy ass. She keep shaking shit up. Its been reported that Jim Jones has been jumped and robbed in Harlem by his ex-manager, Yandy Smith, boyfriend. Supposedly Jim Jones left an early morning studio session and got into an argument with Yandy’s boyfriend. Later he went to one […]

Ashanti is NOT joining the black eyed peas. IS NOT


As I’ve told many of you, Ashanti is NOT joining the black eyed peas as many media outlets have reported. Simple research, which should be key for any journalist or media outlet, would show that Ashanti is not on tour with the Black Eyed Peas, but on a world Tour with David Foster. The picture […]

Conrad Murray says that Michael Jackson Still Pissed in his bed in new Documentary


So much for those Tear because now that he has been convicted Murray is throwing all sorts of salt on Michael Jacksons name. In a documentary that aired in the UK last night and set to air here in the states tonight Murray apparently held nothing back when it came to the Michael Slander. In […]

Amber Rose is recording an album


She just learned how to talk, now she wants to record an album? This is what’s wrong with music. They just letting anyone into studios. The recording industry should require a license to get into a both. You should have to sing infront of a panel of judges and they grant you a studio license […]

Did Diddy Dirty Money Break Up Already?


Well that didn’t last long!! I just knew we would get at least one more Dirty Money album but it looks like we might not! According to Dirty Money Member Kalenna Harper is through with the group. Singer/songwriter Kalenna debuted on the scene as 1/3 of Diddy-Dirty Money, who won for Best Group at […]

Brandy Joins Cast of Kim Kardashian’s New Tyler Perry Movie after Brandy’s Mom Sued Kim


It was announced weeks ago that Kim Kardashian would be starring in the new Tyler Perry Film “The Marriage Counselor”. It has now been announced that singer and actress Brandy will be joining the cast of the movie. This is interesting because a few years back Kim was Brandy’s stylist which resulted in a lawsuit. […]

Video: Lloyd says Murder Inc Failed Because Ashanti Left Irv Gotti for Nelly


You know they say silence sometimes answers questions better than an actual answer. Singer Lloyd stopped by the infamous breakfast club to address a few things, including his old label owner Irv Gotti as well as his labelmate Ashanti. During the interview Lloyd was asked what happened. And in not so many words Lloyd said […]