People in Dallas Run For Section 8 Vouchers


Over 5000 people in dallas ran across the street for a chance to get 1/100 section 8 vouchers. I dont know whether I should laugh or ask God for the rapture!!

Foxxy Brown to sue the City of New York for 100 million dollars


According to Foxy’s Lawyer Brown has filed a lawsuit against the city of New York claiming she was treated maliciously by the Assistant district attorneys office. The lawyer says Foxy should have never been charged with mooning her neighbor, which was a violation of her probation, sending her back to Jail. So for this Foxy […]

VIDEO : Khia goes in on Beyonce, Debra Lee, Trina, EVERYONE!


OH MY GOD!! First of all this is not safe for work, but MY LORD! KHIA!!! has sat on her chair and went in on everybody for 50 minutes!!! My lord I can not lmaoooo

They done got Rodney King AGAIN!


That Rodney King reign just won’t let up. Poor uncle Rodney has been arrested again, but this time under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated. It is said he was so intoxicated that police couldn’t even understand what he was saying. If you dont remember King, he became an icon back in 1991, when the […]

Why is DMX doing drugs in jail?


Whew lord, how times have changed. When I was coming up, DMX was a premier class act rapper. Now this coon is in and out of jail and has got himself in more trouble while being in jail! DMX has reportedly been in jail nutting up. He’s been caught smuggling in drugs, failing drug test, […]

Waka Flocka says he is quitting rap


FIrst name Waka, Last Name Flocka, has took to the new bible, twitter, to announce that after this year he will be quitting the rap game. But wait. The thing that caught me about the tweet was how Waka spelled “Quit” wrong and will be “Quiteing” the game. Man oh man. Maybe hes quitting to […]

Singer Lloyd does something stupid


I do not know what in the hell possessed Lloyd, who is most popular for his hit Southside with Ashanti, to tattoo Hartsfield Jackson International on the back of his head. Do these people not realize that such actions take away from your commercial value? I just do not get it. I have two tattoos, […]

One of Eddie Longs Accusers is a Crack Head


Ok maybe he’s not a crackhead, but a weed head. Or a drug dealer, or whatever. But Jamal Parris, the one who got on Fox5 news looking all distraught and hurt has been arrested in south Florida for having 181 grams of Weed on him. He got pulled over in a BMW that had a […]

Rihanna has too much money for her hair to be looking like this


Rihanna has been tapped as a need endorsee for Vita Coconut Water. In these promotional pictures Rihanna’s wig looks one wind blow away from falling off her forehead. I just dont understand. You have all these money, and you walk around here with a Wet Seal lace front. Jesus be a hair salon.

Aaron Carter Crackhead Ass accuses Michael Jackson of Molestation


“He gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff…I admitted Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot.” This is the crock of shit Aaron Carter has said about the King Michael Jackson. I. Am. Pissed. Aaron […]