VMA Coonery


I’m going to be updating this post throughout the night with the worst fashions from the VMA’s. First up is trailer park alumni kreayshawn. It looks like someone smacked this bitch with Ed Hardy and Disney world. Jesus be an amusement park. Tyga done showed up looking like Animal Planet and the closet of Prince […]

Photo: Just when you thought Eve was the pitbull in a skirt here comes Lil Mama


If y’all dont come get your uncle Lil Mama, posted up at the 2011 VMA’s. Sir. Like This Bob, and this sears portrait dress. Jesus be a wet seal gift card.

Video : Trey Songz urges his girlfriend to fight fans after they throw drinks at her


Y’all is out here getting out of hand!!! Why won’t y’all let Trey Songz be? So check this out Trey Songz was out at a club with his chick or whatever and some very jealous fans took it upon themselves to address the issue. So what did they do? They threw a drink at Trey’s […]

Khia was arrested for hiding furniture from rooms to go and Chris Crocker Bails her Out


Queen Khia was arrested again!! But this time she was arrested because she had some Rent A Center ass furniture that she didn’t pay the note on and they come to collect on her ass. Khia said “My Goodies? Not My Goodies” and refused to let the good ol people collect they belongings that Khia […]

Video: How McDonalds Really Feels about Black People


This has got to be one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while. Fast Forward to the 1:00 mark to get to the funny part. But its an extremely funny parody video of how McDonalds showcases black people in their Commercials!!

Remember When: Whitney Houston chased a butterfly on stage with her voice


This is still so funny to me. I do not know what got into Whitney but she decided her voice and this butterfly was going to go on the amazing race. LMAO look

Remember When : Mariah Carey Breakdown on TRL


LMAO, remember the good old days. The days where Mariah showed up to television appearances drunk and handed out ice cream! This breakdown was one of the most comical ones I seen. Her HSN interview reminds me a tad bit of this. LOL

Video : Was Mariah Carey Drunk on the home shopping network?


Man Mariah was drunk or high or something. Between this fake accent she used, and her seeing invisible butterflies, Mariah was on something! This woman is pure comedy. Matter fact do you guys remember Mariah’s breakdown on TRL? I’ll post that next.

Pause, Octomom says Babies make her sick


I know yall remember Octomoms crazy ass. Well the bitch just proved to be even more crazier. The following quote was taken from an interview she has done recently. “Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies. I am absolutely disgusted by babies. They make me sick … I don’t […]

Video :The best/ worst Kelly Motivation Cover EVER IN LIFE