Remember Houston , The singer who had that song “I Like That” OMG look at him now


Remind me to never visit again , because she don’t know what to post. But wait I’m posting it to lol. I Know you guys remember Houston, he had that song with Chingy “I like That” years ago. Well my homie Miss Jia, went and dug him up. And it literally looks like he […]

See what Lady Gaga is doing to our Children!


Hug your children

See what Nicki Minaj is doing to Our Children? NSFW


Man, this is why we must hug our children and tell them that we love them, and that all things are possible through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. So you guys know Nicki’s verse from Big Sean’s “A$$” remix where she say, “I tell em’ pussy clean, I tell em” pussy squeaky”. Well one of […]

Things Found On Youtube: White Mom Dancing to Khia’s “My Neck My Back”


LMAO. Khia made history with this record and will forever be a fixture in musical history with this song. Check this old mom, who looks like she may be doped up, rocking off to Queen Khia. Spotted over at Dlisted.

T.I addresses Diddy because Diddy was queening out

Diddy and TI

As many of you know the Real House Coons of Atlanta had their infamous Hip Hop Award weekend. Well during the weekend T.I and Diddy hosted a party and the Queen P himself P.Diddy went on a rant because people were drinking Grey Goose instead of Ciroc. He gets on the mic and goes hammer, […]

This is NOT a ponytail


That is all.

Audio : Fabolous responds to Ray-J’s rant


After Mrs Ray-J went on the breakfast club morning show to talk about his fight with rapper Fabolous, fab decided he would call into DJ Clues show and say what actually happened at the club. Fab deny’s Ray-J’s whole story and says that Ray-J is “On that Whitney Houston”. Which I did not appreciate. But […]

Remember When : Whitney Houston Demanded the Receipts


Can the church just say Amen!?! Because I know after this interview many of us were convinced that Whitney wouldn’t be around to much longer, but I’m glad she is still here. In this interview Diane Swayer reported to Houston that people said Whitney had a $730,000 drug habit Whitney turned into an IRS agent […]

Remember When: Whitney Houston Went Off On Wendy Williams


The Year was 2003. Whitney was promoting an album and after years of Wendy dogging Whitney on her radio show Houston decided to call into the show and give Wendy a piece of her mind. You can hear Whitney started cursing and getting pissed off. LMAO I am in tears just listening to this again. […]

Things Found On Youtube : The Earthquake disrupts the “Colored” girls.


This Earthquake had shook him up! LMAO and the fact that he was getting his Maya Angelou on and the lord said not on my watch and sent that earthquake to address it! Man!!!! I can NOT!! And why did he clutch his pearls. LMAO! And when the house started to shake, he all looking […]