Artist Spotlight: Jared Shanklin

Jared Shanklin is an artist who’s musical sound covers many genres from Gospel, R&B/Soul, to Pop. His voice is absolutely refreshing and brings a powerful vocal range that adapts to so many different musical styles. The Baltimore native writes all of his music and is influenced by artists such as Prince, Faith Evans, The Clark Sister and many more.

My first time hearing him sing was when he sang live with Faith Evans at one of her concerts here in D.C. at the Howard Theatre. That single performance blew me completely away. I knew he was a singer but I never really listened to any of his material until after seeing that performance. So i decided to do a little bit more research and came across his youtube channel, where he does many popular covers. One cover that I would like to share with you is his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies” which is just so flawless and raw. His voice on the track is so authentic, and pure but has this indescribable soulful raspy-ness vibe to it.

Listen Below

Not only is he a talented singer he also has a infectious personality, which I would describe as vibrate and a bit goofy. Earlier last year he covered the infamous Mary J Blige- Burger King ‘Chicken Wraps’ song. Check it out below!

I recently downloaded his EP ‘Christmas In July’ and was blown away by how great the production and writing was. One of the stand out tracks that I enjoyed was “Ihatechu” which is a perfect pop/electronic record where he seems to be channeling his inner Prince.

This young man definitely has a bright musical future ahead of him and I am glad I came across such a talented artist who knows exactly what he wants musically and has the tremendous talent and work ethic to support his musical craft. Make sure you look out for his new single entitled “Hurricane” which hits stores January 22nd on itunes & amazon its going to be crazy!

In the meantime check out the snippets of his EP ‘Christmas In July’ if you like what you hear make sure you download it on the link below.


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